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Welcome to the Airline Mogul Wiki.

The Airline Mogul Wiki is the number one resource for information about the free online airline management game by Stephen Murphy and Kevin Denny (see About Airline Mogul for the game's history). If you have any questions, you can always look here for answers, or post on the forums.

Wiki Contents


About Airline MogulAbout AM
GlossaryA list of terms that you may not know the meaning to.
Staff MembersA list of staff members & how they can be contacted.
Rules and Penalty PoliciesSeveral rules that players should be aware of.

Quick Start

Quick Start GuideLearn how to start off.
Tips for New UsersTips for new users
Frequently Asked QuestionsCommonly-asked questions (and the answers)

Game Play

Public World
Private World


View Routes
Create Route
Research Route

Airports and Gates

Rent Gates
View Gates
Return Gates
Create Focus City
Gate Search
Hubs and Focus Cities
View Airports


Aircraft Main Page
View Aircraft
Choose the Right Aircraft
Airplane Data Explained
Aircraft listA listing of all aircraft available in the game.

Aircraft Market

Buy Aircraft
Selling an Aircraft
Brokerage System
Game Brokers
View Latest Aircraft

Airline Management

Finance Screen
Operations Dept
The Admin Panel



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